In Memoriam: A. James Clark 1927-2015

Jim Clarke

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Jim Clark and extend our sincere condolences to his family and to the Clark community. Nationally known for his contributions to the construction industry, Jim also was a hugely generous and humble philanthropist and supported countless good causes; Samaritan Inns among them.

Jim Clark adopted Samaritan Inns over 25 years ago and became fully engaged in our growth, our positioning in the community, our direction, our livelihood, and the people we serve. He led the initial acquisition and renovation of our major facilities, and his teams have been involved in every major program and facility initiative. He served on the Governing Board of Samaritan Inns for several years. He had an intense and genuine desire for those less fortunate to have the opportunity for a fulfilled life, just as God intended!

We are forever grateful for this man. He left an unmatched legacy of kindness and principle - an enduring example for us all.

Larry Huff

Dear Friends,

Every day, I am privileged to witness the remarkable transformation taking place here, at Samaritan Inns in the lives of formerly homeless addicted men and women. I am proud to be part of a legacy of turning hope into reality - since 1985 Samaritan Inns has helped thousands of desperate individuals find sobriety, self-respect, financial responsibility, and independence.

Once an individual makes the decision to reclaim their life, they can look forward to a comprehensive continuum of recovery - a program that combines professional counseling, accountability and mentoring, housing, and employment.

Samaritan Inns works because we have committed staff, as well as dedicated partners who give of themselves through volunteering and through financial support. The human return is immeasurable - people being reunited with their families and the community as healthy and drug-free role models.

I encourage you to become a partner of Samaritan Inns and together we can make a difference!

Larry Huff, President
Larry Huff

Thank you to our Tournament Sponsors!

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First Christian Church Disciples of Christ Day of Service

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It has been a very productive summer so far here at Samaritan Inns and the volunteer projects just keep rolling in! On June 23rd we were blessed to have First Christian Church Disciples of Christ come and volunteer their time and energy to our organization. The congregation came all the way from Kentucky to perform a beautification project for our Tabitha’s house location where they gave the buildings hallways a new up-to-date look! The Church has missions group has travelled all over to provide service and help those who are less fortunate and consider it their mission to lend a hand wherever they can. The team arrived and went straight to work and not only did they do a beautification project but they took time out on Monday to participate in our Dinner Fellowship program! The Intensive Recovery staff welcomed them with open arms and they say and fellowshipped with our clients and provided much needed words of encouragement. It was truly an impactful time of service and we here at Samaritan Inns are truly appreciative of their time and effort!

Deloitte Impact Day

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June 7th was the day set by Deloitte to partake in their yearly IMPACT DAY 2014, and Samaritan Inns was more than happy to be participating again. Typically Deloitte comes to Samaritan Inns to provide a day of financial and career mentorship for our residents, which in turns gives them the tools to face the world ahead.

This year Deloitte came to us to embark on a different kind of service project. This year they came to tackle a beautification project at our Mozart Inn locations. A group of energetic and enthusiastic workers dressed in blue came to Elisha’s House ready to tackle this day of service! After an impactful morning program they walked over to begin work at the Inns. The day was filled with landscaping, painting and camaraderie among the staff here at Samaritan inns and Deloitte. It was truly and a great day of service and was well received by the residents who occupied that property. On behalf of the staff  and residents of Samaritan Inns, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Deloitte and cannot wait for next year’s IMPACT DAY!

Attain Beautification Project

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The spring is a time for revitalization and new beginnings and that is what the Attain Group brought to Samaritan Inns. On May 17th the team from Attain came and did a beautification project at our Lazarus House property where they came and planted many eye catching flowers. After they completed their project the group went and hosted a barbeque for the residents in our Intensive Recovery Program! On behalf of the staff and residents we would like to thank them for all of their hard work and service.

Congratulations Lazarus House Staff!

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At Samaritan Inns, our maintenance staff puts in a lot of hard work to make sure that our residents are provided with a clean and safe facility. Each year Reginald High, Director of Properties, holds a contest for the “cleanest” facility to give our staff recognition for all of their dedication. The staff compete every year to win a trophy that will be displayed for all to see in their building. This year the staff at our Lazarus House location were the winners of this coveted prize! We would like to take this time to acknowledge and congratulate them on their dedication to our facilities and program as a whole!

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